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2 tenders released for Covid-19 and Black Fungus vaccines- Anil Vij

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Chandigarh - 26 May , Rishika Rajput- Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij said that Haryana Medical Services Corporation Limited has issued two global tenders for the supply of One crore covid vaccine supplements and 15,000 vials of amphotericin vaccine used in the treatment of black fungus. 
Healthy minister gave this information in one of his tweets. He said that although the Corona vaccine is being regularly received by the Central Government, due to which the people in the state are also getting benefits, they said that the vaccine is being provided by the Central Government to all the states without any discrimination. But if we get more vaccine from global tender, then soon we will be able to vaccinate all the people of the state. 

Vij said that the conditions of corona are improving in the state but our government does not want to take any laxity towards the health of the people. That's why we have invited vaccine doses to vaccinate people above the age of 18, and 15000 black fungus tenders. Number of  patients are decreasing in the state, while the recovery rate has increased. 
Health Minister said that allopathy and Ayurvedic methods are two different streams, which are doing their work. Ayush has separate departments and ministries in Haryana and Central Government, which works on other disciplines including Ayurveda. I have both departments in the state, both are contributing themselves for prevention of corona. He said that no medicine including coronil can be forcefully fed to any person. Many people have faith in Ayurveda and the government has also established Sri Krishna Ayush University in Kurukshetra.
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