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Gehana to Narendra Modi, first protect our women and our jawans, then talk about UID for cows

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Gehana Vasisth
Mumbai-based model and actress Gehana Vasisth today expressed her anger and resentment against the Sukma attack where 25 jawans of the CRPF were killed.
In one of the deadliest Naxal attacks in recent times, hundreds of Maoists on Monday ambushed and massacred at least 25 CRPF personnel in Chhattisgarh's Sukma district and escaped with their AK-47 assault rifles. The "strong" 99-member CRPF battalion was on foot patrolling the interior road — the team was entrusted with the task of providing security to a road construction project  — when it came under sudden attack.

Taking to Twitter, Gehana Vasisth tweeted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Indian government must focus on protecting women and jawans, rather than focusing and spending resources on UID (unique identification) for cows.
Here is her tweet:
Meanwhile,  according to a Times of India report, the Naxalites who ambushed the CRPF jawans in Sukma on Monday were heavily armed, say jawans who survived the attack.
"They were some 300 Naxalites, all wearing black," a jawan of the Central Reserve Police Force said. The jawan was among those injured in the Naxalite attack that took 25 lives in Chhattisgarh on Monday.
"The villagers came first, and then the Naxalites, dressed in black," he said.
"Some of the Maoists carried rocket launchers," the jawan, who did not wish to be identifed, said.
Another injured jawan, Sher Mohammad Khan, said the Naxalites also carried AK-47s, SLRs and other automatic weapons.
The two men, who were in a 99-strong CRPF team carrying out a sanitisation exercise for an under-construction road in Chhattisgarh, are now being treated at a hospital in Raipur.
"They first sent the villagers to check our location. The villagers weren't carrying arms, (so) how could we fire at them," the unnamed CRPF man asked.
"We retaliated. We also killed many Naxalites," he added.
Khan said there were women in the group of Naxalites that attacked the CRPF team in Sukma.
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