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Photoshop workshop for students on the use of Adobe Photoshop

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Faridabad, 10 February – The Department of Communications and Media Technology of JC Bose University of Science and Technology, YMCA, Faridabad organized a one-day workshop on Commercial Application of Adobe Photoshop for students of Animation and Multimedia. Mohit Jain, Senior Manager of Sansad TV, was the keynote speaker in this workshop.

The session started with welcome address by Dr. Pawan Malik, Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and Media Technology. He introduced the keynote speaker to the students. Mohit Jain interacted with the students and discussed the commercial use of Adobe Photoshop. He explained the steps of designing in detail giving examples of different designs. Mohit Jain also spoke to the students about the opportunities and challenges faced by them in Animation and Multimedia. He urged that Animation and Multimedia should focus more on practicals and prepare themselves according to the industry.

At the end of the program, Aditya Gangwar, Assistant Professor of Animation and Multimedia, proposed a vote of thanks. The workshop was organized under the guidance of Prof. Atul Mishra.

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