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High Voltage Drama At Gohana, Haryana

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Gohana, (Rishika Rajput) - During the start of sugarcane crushing in Haryana's Gohana, there was a high voltage drama when a farmer was called on stage to honor him, he refused to be honored by BJP's Minister of State for Cooperation Banwarilal. There was a stir among the people and a situation of tension started building, meanwhile, handling the situation, the security personnel took the farmer off the stage. 

In fact, Minister of state for cooperation, Dr. Banwarilal had arrived at Gohana sugar Mill to start the crushing session, during which a farmer who brought maximum sugarcane last year was to be honored by the Cooperation Minister, but the farmer refused to be honored by the minister saying that the farmer is getting martyred in the Protest, if he was honoured by BJP Minister here, then the Martyre's farmers will be insulted.

He also said that if he was honored by the MD or ADC of the sugar mill, he would have taken the prize money. The farmer said that this amount should be donated in his name to the sugar mill. We also inform you that the miscellaneous crushing of sugarcane of Gohana Sugar Mill Ahulana has formally started. The crushing started with the Havan Yagya by Dr. Banwarilal, Minister of State for Cooperation, Haryana.

During this, heavy police was deployed due to the announcement of the protest of the farmers by the ministers and BJP leaders of the Haryana government. The same Cooperation Minister said that this time ethanol plots will be set up in Haryana and this year the target has been set to sow more sugarcane than last year. This year will be crushed to 50,000 lakhs ton.

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