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Black Fungus knocked in Faridabad , SSB Hospital done Successfull Operation

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 Faridabad - Rishika Rajput- Black fungus knocks in Faridabad adjoining capital delhi. However, the doctors of SSB Hospital have given a new life to the victim by successful operation of the 68-year-old woman. 

SSB Hospital Senior ENT Specialist Dr Prashant Bhardwaj told that the woman had come to ANT OPD at SSB Hospital, Faridabad on 11 may, the female patient had been  swelling in the right side of the face from last 2 days and was troubled by pain. Blood was flowing from her nose and the light of her right eye was decreasing.The woman's rt-pcr report is positive on April 26, 2021. And she had been taking steroids and high doses at home for 15 days. 

Doctor Bhardwaj told that on examining the woman, there was a lot of black fungal tissues on both sides of the nose, there was numbness on the face of the woman and her blood sugar was also increased, her MRI and PNS and Orbit report was indicating a black fungal infection. His right eye was examined, which had almost lost sight.

Dr. Bhardwaj said that black fungal infection is called mucarmycosis.It is an extremely rare infection. Black fungus infection is caused by steroids given during covid-19. After all the checks and fitness clearance, she was taken for surgery on 14 May. Black fungus tissue removed from both nasal cavities during surgery,  The right maxillary sinus bone was removed due to excessive damage. After the operation, the patient's health is continuously monitored. Patient's condition is stable now. The hospital's director and senior cardiologist SS Basnal congratulated the doctors and nursing staff on the successful operation of the black fungal and congratulated them. Dr. Bansal said  that "it is his endeavor to save his life by providing better medical care to the people in the time of this epidemic and he is working in this direction with the same objective".

He said that it was a very critical matter which was understood by the team of doctors and gave new life to the woman.

Senior ENT Specialist of  SSB Hospital, Dr Prashant Bhardwaj of  told that Mucarmicosis a rare infection.It is usually found in soil , plants, rotten fruits and vegetables , they affects the brain and lungs and affects patients with diabetes or patients who have low immunity. India is the one of largest country in the world where black fungus is Spreading just after covid-19. This fungal infection is commonly seen in diabetic steroid-dependent uncontrolled sugar and immunocompromised patients. All the patients who recovered from the Covid infection, and especially those who are diabetic and given steroids during treatment must show it to the ENT specialist.

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