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CP OP Singh spoke to the sarpanches, said it is your duty to keep the villagers safe from pandemic

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Faridabad- Rishika Rajput-  Today, Police commissioner OP Singh held a video conferencing meeting with the sarpanches of several villages in Faridabad to make them aware of the Corona pandemic. Police commissioner OP Singh said that all the sarpanches should aware the rules of corona to the people in their respective villages.  It is your village. So, It is your responsibility to protect the people of your village from such pandemic. Those who have been affected by the infection, call them every day to get information about their health and ask for help.

Police Commissioner OP Singh said that in order to defeat any disease, we need to change our lifestyle, A change in lifestyle means to live life under a system. Getting up on time, exercising on time, eating on time, sleeping on time, all these things identify a healthy lifestyle. All the sarpanchs will take the numberdar of the village and influence people of every house in the village, and make the people aware, He said that if the village is saved from the pandemic, then it will be a matter of respect for the sarpanch.

He said that in this time of pandemic, it is necessary to maintain social distance , but social distance does not mean that you will not help anyone in the village.

He said that face the challenges of corona, the problem is a part of life, if the problem does not happen, then the person will not know about the importance of life. Apart from this, OP Singh said that the villagers should  awared about this so that they do not spread rumors. It is very wrong to spread rumors about Covid-19. It can prove to be very fatal. For those who are corona infected, do not break their spirits by spreading rumors.

Meanwhile, video conferencing included Sarpanch of village Chandavali, Sotai, Nawada, Ding, Fatehpur, Billauch, Mirzapur, Behbalpur, Dayalpur, Bua Pur, Shahabad, Mandavali, Manjhawali, Badrola, Ameerpur, Bela, Malerna, Chhayasa, Jawa, Motuka, Aruva, Sarpanchs of Tigaon, Shahpura Khadar, Atali, Mohana, Nacholi, Nehravali & Dhauj.

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