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Lotus will blossom all around GT Road, will form the Government with massive win : Manohar Lal

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Ambala/Mulana/Kurukshetra/Ladva:  CM  Haryana Manohar Lal addressed a rally at Mulana constituency in Ambala District and other at Ladva of Kurukshetra. In his address he expressed confidence that BJP would be winning all the seats from the belt of GT Road. He said that the party would be improving its performance in West and Southern part of Haryana too. He said that BJP would be forming the government in the state with huge margin even exceeding the win of 2014.

Speaking in the rally in support of the BJP candidate  Rajveer Barada at Mulana,  CM said that the government has executed the development  all over the state without any discrimination.    He said that immediately after taking the charge of the state in 2014 all the MLAs were given 5 crores with a target to complete the development works within the time proposed for the same. The opposition was surprised over this step as they were not used to complete projects as per schedule and have never worked without discrimination.

Talking specifically on the industrial development of Mulana, CM said that the area has been a  host to industries in the areas of Pharmaceuticals, IMT and manufacturing of sports goods. He said that in order to enhance the industrial activity in the Mulana area, the land of HSIDC will be used to develop more industries.   He said that there are some work pending to be done that includes water logging at the bus stand, Animal Hospital would be shifted in the new building at the outer side of the city and construction of a flyover is also in his priorities. He said that the people of  Haryana should compare the work done in 5 years in comparison to the performance of the previous governments in the preceding 48 years and vote for BJP to enjoy the breeze of development in continuity for another five years.

Manohar Lal warned the people of Mulana that since there are only two days left for canvassing, some mischievous elements in Congress, JJP and INELO are spreading rumors by using the money earned with corrupt practices. He called upon the people to report any such attempt to either the local police or the election commission. He said that people are very aware today and do not rely blindly on the surveys and tips of betting market that are spread on the social media. He expressed confidence that since the public has been witnessing the honest governance of BJP, it will not believe on such rumors.

Attacking the Congress party, CM said that congress party has been taking it for granted that they would continue to rule the state and the country on the dynasty base system. But  people have   rejected this policy of rule of dynasty and have thrown their government from power.

Making a mention of abrogation of article 370 from Kashmir, Manohar Lal said that with the removal of 370 Kashmir would now be free of terror preventing our soldiers laying their life for motherland.

In his another rally at Ladva in Kurukshetra, Manohar lal said that the governments prior to BJP have enjoyed the comfort of ruler. The jobs were given on the basis of favoritism and dynasty. But with the BJP government coming to power, letter of appointment are being reaching the address of the youth attaining merit.

He was addressing the rally in support of BJP candidate Dr. Pawan Saini. CM informed that during the last few days, he have visited around 70 constituencies that will continue till tomorrow.  He said that he has taken all the 2.5 crores people of the state  to his own family members. In the last five years his government has done development work all around the state. In these five years the government has attained its recognition as an honest government. The network of middleman in all the departments has been totally abolished.

Describing the influence PM Narendra Modi has made on the people of the country is that while six years ago good people with clean image didn’t take politics as their career as it was understood to be a corrupt filed. But with PM Modi being taken as an ideal by the youth of the country, good people are joining politics now.

Talking about article 370, he condemned Congress on not having enough courage to remove article 370 in the last 60 years. On the contrary BJP took no time to decide on this matter and removed the same. He said that while congress was in fear, we understand that with fear in your mind it is not even possible to run a household, what to talk of country. He said that Pm Narendra Modi has been warning everyone even before his becoming the prime minister saying “naa khaoonga naa khane doonga”. PM also says “Jo khaya hai wo bhi nikaloonga”. This suggests the level of commitment he has in his mind for eradication of corruption from the country. He said that the corrupt people should be unmasked in front of the public. He said that while duo of Father and Son is already in jail, Rahul would also not be able to save.
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