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Former Cricketer Vinod Kambli makes his singing debut "Asa Mee Mee Asa" Teaser Out

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Former Cricketer Vinod Kambli
Following in the footsteps of some sporting legends like John McEnroe, who indulged in music after retirement from cricket, India’s Vinod Kambli has also made his singing debut. The cricketer is known for his various other passions including food, cooking and cars, but dabbling into singing is quite a surprise for his fans. Kambli teaming up with Shaleen V Vaid (Producer) and Jainendra Baxi (Director) to set his singing debut, take off. The musical 'single' gives the appearance to be a hip-hop dance number and holds some glossy and stylish new look of the former Indian cricketer. The creative Producer, Shrividya Vaid led the styling and freshness given to Vinod Kambli says, “We never wanted that video to look as one of another music video where, there aren’t the visual perception and treat, we were sure to take viewers to another level along with the treatment of the full video.”

While talking to the media Vinod Kambli Said, "Asa Mee Mee Asa," was created with the thought that a musical single is the best way to express oneself, in a fun and entertaining way. We are a nation with a song for each moment and situation of life. Our diverse culture has inspired many-a-song. The lyrics in place are a creative thought process, expressing life. Before making a song, one has to be aware that singing is an art form and not something to take lightly. While a song can be fun (during signing and recording), it still needs discipline. It needs practice and preserving, much like cricket.”

Director jainendra Baxi said “We shot all over Bombay and in the studio, which was an eventful journey in itself. It was fantastic and full of surprises. I would like to thanks my producer Shaleen V Vaid for his support and trust. Very soon we are coming with the full song.
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