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8.5 lakh people pledged to vote in Faridabad, Haryana

Haryana-Lok-Sabha- elections
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Haryana-Lok-Sabha- elections

Faridabad, April 8 - In the lead-up to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections on May 25, the city of Faridabad witnessed a remarkable initiative on Monday. District Election Officer Vikram Singh spearheaded an event aimed at ensuring 100 percent voter participation. A staggering 8.5 lakh individuals participated in this endeavour. At 11 am, people gathered in various establishments, including schools, colleges, industries, offices, Anganwadi centers, Panchayat ghars, and public spaces, to take a solemn pledge for maximum voter turnout. While adults aged 18 and above pledged to exercise their voting rights, school children reaffirmed their dedication to encouraging their families and communities to vote.

District Election Officer and Deputy Commissioner Vikram Singh said that the awareness campaign in the district saw significant participation from industrial workers and employees. He stated that on Monday, five lakh industrial workers gathered and pledged to vote on May 25. Subsequently, children from over three lakh government and private schools in the district joined the campaign, including those from more than one lakh government schools and one and a half lakh private schools. 

Additionally, 33000 auto drivers participated and committed to 100 percent voter turnout. Furthermore, more than 19000 women from self-help groups, over 20000 employees from various departments including the police department, 1200 Anganwadi workers, and 1200 Asha workers and ANMs actively participated in the campaign. The District Election Officer highlighted that this campaign, which commenced at 11 am across the district, was truly exceptional, with every participant pledging to achieve 100 percent voter participation.

62% polling in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, 57% in Urban areas

Addressing the main program held at Sector-55 Government Model Sanskriti Senior Secondary School, District Election Officer Vikram Singh highlighted that in the previous Lok Sabha elections, only 62 percent people had cast their votes in the Faridabad parliamentary constituency, with urban areas recording a mere 57 percent turnout. 

Emphasizing the significance of elections as the paramount celebration of democracy and the fundamental right of every citizen, he stressed the importance of raising awareness for maximum voter participation in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Thus, a comprehensive awareness campaign was initiated across the district. Initially conceived to operate at specific locations, the campaign gradually expanded to encompass various industries, schools, colleges, auto drivers, women's groups, and other segments of society. As a result, an impressive 8.5 lakh individuals actively participated in the campaign.

Children pledge to inspire family members to vote at polling stations

District Election Officer Vikram Singh highlighted the remarkable participation of children in the oath campaign, deeming it as the most special aspect of the initiative. He noted that in the district, there are 1.25 lakh children studying in government schools and 3.83 lakh children enrolled in private schools, with over 3 lakh children actively involved in the campaign. Singh described the program as being celebrated like a festival in schools, where children enthusiastically prepared paintings to encourage voting and proudly exhibited their artwork. All the children collectively pledged to ensure that they accompany their family members to the polling stations on Election Day.

Workers also reiterated their resolve to vote in the national interest

Industrial workers exhibited the highest participation in the pledge program for achieving 100 percent voting in the industrial hub of Faridabad. With a total of 9 lakh industrial workers in the district, a significant portion actively engaged in the campaign. Despite working in various shifts, 5 lakh workers joined the initiative. Each participant pledged to vote on May 25 for the betterment of the nation, demonstrating their commitment by standing up for voting at their respective workplaces.

Women from Self-Help Groups, Asha, and Anganwadi take pledge to vote

He also emphasized the active participation of women in taking the pledge to vote. Women were observed participating enthusiastically in large numbers across villages and cities. Notably, over 19000 women from self-help groups, along with more than 1200 Anganwadi and 1200 Asha workers, actively engaged in the campaign. Additionally, all officers of the district administration visited various locations to motivate individuals to pledge for 100 percent voting turnout.

All the officers arrived to get the resolution

All the officers also reached different places to motivate the people to pledge 100 per cent voting. District Election Officer and Deputy Commissioner Vikram Singh, and Additional Deputy Commissioner Anand Sharma administered the oath of voter awareness in Sector-55 School. Police Commissioner Rakesh Arya, Commissioner's Office,

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