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NGO raises voice against dumping of garbage in Aravali hills

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 Faridabad, November 13: ( Pushpendra Singh Rajput )  “The Bandhwari garbage processing centre is one of the examples of high-level corruption and ignorance at the level of officials and politicians”, said Jitender Bhadana from Save Aravali Trust. 

He was addressing a press conference held at Faridabad on Sunday. Jitender said that while the Bandhwari project has already covered a 32 acres area on which the garbage is spread over, the government has proposed another project of 100 acres in the name of garbage processing unit. 

He said that the corporations of Faridabad and Gurugram have joined hands in spreading the menace of Bandhwari garbage dump further in Haryana Aravali hills. 

He said that a public awakening is needed to protest against the said site which is actually an eye wash for the public. Because the Bandhwari project was installed it was supposed to segregate the waste collected from all over the city in wet and dry waste which, they would be processing as per the laid guidelines. However, the processing of waste remained on papers while the site was converted to a dumping site, that stinks from several kilometres away. He said that while Bandhwari project started in the year 2009, the corruption of exploitation of Aravali hills started in 1992 when some selected people were allotted lands in Aravali hills for starting crushers. 

He informed that the situation around the Bandhwari project has reached its worse that has affected the health of the people of villages around the project leading to rise in number of cancer patients in the area. He said that the cows in the area are found eating polythene the impact of which is known very well.

Jitender said that it is high time for Faridabad residents to awake now because it is not the residents around Bandhwari alone that are affected, but the water under the Bandhwari dumping site is also being contaminated which would be reaching the taps of every household because the Bandhwari site is at a higher level than Faridabad city.

Also present in the press conference was Advocate Kailash Bidhuri, Krishna Rawat, Pankaj Grover, Krishna Jogiya, Virad Gupta, Yash Bhadana, Raju Rawat, Sanjay Rau, Shalini Bisht, Samvedna and others from Save Aravali.

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