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UP Election 2022- BSP will not ally with Congress

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8 November 2021, (Rishika Rajput) - Congress's campaign to prepare a new alliance for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections has suffered a setback. BSP is not ready to come with congress in Uttar Pradesh. For that, where the old experience is being put forward, the same go hurdle in elections of Punjab. In which Congress and BSP are face to face. In such a situation, such an alliance in Uttar Pradesh seems far-fetched. Congress is in the search of new allies in Uttar Pradesh.

A glimpse of this was visible on October 31, when RLD chief Chaudhary Jayant Singh's closeness with the Congress was seen. Jayant left the SP chief Akhilesh Yadav's flight and returned to Delhi with Priyanka Gandhi in a Congress private plane while returning from Lucknow to Delhi. 

It was discussed that from the Congress, Jayant was offered from seats in Punjab to sending him to the Rajya Sabha. Jayant did not directly deny it, but the difficulty was that this alliance would be able to flourish only when BSP is also involved in it.

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