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Smuggling of illicit liquor, One Arrested by Faridabad Police

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Faridabad, (Rishika Rajput) -  The team of Police Station Surajkund has arrested an accused who smuggled illegal liquor, under the direction of Police Comissioner Vikas Arora to crack down on criminals involved in illegal drug trade. 

Arrested accused recognised as shubham who is a resident of Pali Village, Faridabad. Accused arrested in Bolero car with 17 boxes of illegal Desi liquor. Police were patrolling in their area, yesterday evening. Secret sources revealed that the accused would run towards Pali with illegal liquor in his car, on which taking immediate action, the police team overpowered the accused from round about Surajkund by putting up a blockade. When the vehicle was searched, 17 boxes of country liquor of Mota Marka were recovered in it.

When the accused was asked for a license to sell liquor, he started hesitant and could not produce any documents, after which the accused was brought to the police station after being arrested. He was interrogated by registering a case under the sections of the Excise Act, in which the accused told that he had brought this liquor from Anangpur and was trying to sell it by taking it to his village. But the police has already arrested him. Illegal liquor kept in the car has been taken into custody by the police.

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