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BJP following the three point principle of SARKAR, SADACHAR, IMANDAR : Ravishankar Prasad

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Rohtak: “BJP government has three guiding principles to execute in the interest of the people and the country in a holistic way, these principles are SARKAR, SADACHAR AND IMANDAR” said Ravishankar Prasad, Union Cabinet Minister. Ravishankar Prasad is the high profile minister in the union cabinet holding three different portfolios Minister of Law and Justice, Minister of Communications and Minister of Electronics and Information and Technology. He was in Rohtak on Thursday where he addressed a press conference at the media centre of BJP.
Addressing the media Ravishankar said that coming to Rohtak and not speaking of the corruption of former Chief Minister Bhupender Singh Hooda is not possible. He said that he wish to raise some questions for Hooda though media, the answer of which he has to give to the people of the country. Starting from Manesar Land Scam which CBI is investigating he also talked in length about the Gurgaon land scam and the way Hooda used corrupt practices to help Gandhi family and their ‘Damadji’. He alleged Hooda to favour Robert Vadhra by purchasing farmer’s land in at the cost of penny’s and sold the same to Damadji at far lower price than the market price. He said that the land was given at a cost of merely 20-25 lacs which was of the market value of 700 crores. Prasad said that it is a pity on the former Chief ministers of Haryana that while one is behind bars for corruption in recruitments while the other is already been questioned by the agencies and soon will be behind the bars too.

Replying to the allegation of Congress that accuses BJP of referring Article 370 in assembly elections which has relevance neither to Haryana nor Maharashtra, the minister said that the jawans killed in Kashmir are not from any particular state but from all the states of country. He said that Haryana has a large percentage of jawans in the armed forces.
The union minister said that in order to understand the impact of Article 370 what the citizens of Kashmir were deprived off has to be understood. He explained in detail that under the rule of Article 370 prevention of corruption act do not used to be applied to Kashmir, No reservation policy was applicable to the category of Scheduled cast and Scheduled Tribe in Kashmir, residents of Kashmir are not eligible to vote  and nobody has the power to ask about the expenses incurred by the local administration with Article 370 being in effect.
He said the worst example of  the disparity that this article 370 created was that while a refugee from Pakistan settled in Punjab be the Prime Minister of India, citing examples of Manmohan Singh and I.K. Gujral, any refugee that settled in Kashmir has no right to even vote, what to talk about becoming Prime Minister. He clarified that the notification in the year 1956 itself says that the Kashmir is and will always be an integral part of India. In addition to the above the residents of Kashmir were also deprived of their right to information and right to education.
“After abrogation of Article 370”, said Ravishankar Prasad, “things are returning to normal. He said that in the recent recruitment drive of Indian Army 30,000 youth from Kashmir got selected. This shows the acceptance of the people of Kashmir that now they are on the right path. On the administration front, Ravishankar informed that there are 106 acts of India that has been made effective in Kashmir like they are to other parts of the country.
Sharing the information of the performance of BJP in the last five years, the minister said that Haryana is moving along with the country on the path of digitalization. The percentage of Adhar compliance is 103% in Haryana. In order to help people utilize the government schemes and finding required information on just a click, Umang App has been launched which incorporates 1000 services provided online by center and all the states. This includes 21 services that Haryana state is offering online. He said that IT exports are continuously on high, particularly from Gurugram which enjoys the tag of cyber city. While in the first year of BJP Government the export of services were for Rs.17,858 crores, it has now rose to 24,400 crores. He informed that there were only 2 companies that were manufacturing mobiles in India in 2014, the number has increased to 268 now which is an indicator of growth itself.
Replying to a question on employment opportunities, the minister said that in the financial year 2017-18 alone the number of new registrations in EPF register was 2.54 crores. Also, said Prasad, with the digitalization being on increase, the need of data operators, money transfer agents etc will increase, hence, generating more employment. Even in the infrastructure sector need of manpower is on the increase as every project need manpower for completion. 
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