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Grant up to 50 percent to farmers for planting fruit orchards- DC, Faridabad

Faridabad-Deputy-Commissioner -itender-Yadav
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Faridabad, 5th July. Deputy Commissioner Jitender Yadav said that according to the instructions issued by the government, in the series of Amrit Mahotsav of Azadi, under Jal Shakti Abhiyan-2, farmers would be given an additional incentive of seven thousand rupees for planting orchards instead of paddy cultivation. Farmers will be given a 50 percent subsidy for planting fruit orchards. He said that now the Horticulture Department will give more subsidies to the farmers who plant orchards of fruit-bearing plants in the fields. Now the department has increased the subsidy given to farmers to 50 percent. The subsidy money will be given to the gardeners in three installments.

Along with this, he also said that the purpose of the government is to increase the income of farmers and the production of fruits by giving more subsidies. A farmer will be given a subsidy up to a maximum of 10 acres. The farmers who had planted paddy in the field last year. If they plant orchards in it this year, they will be given an additional incentive of seven thousand rupees in addition to the subsidy. This amount will be given to the farmers to save water under Jal Shakti Abhiyan 2 under the scheme "Mera Pani- Meri Virasat".

District Horticulture Officer Dr. Ramesh Kumar said that the government has now decided to give 50 percent subsidy to the gardeners. He said that the Horticulture Department has created four categories for planting orchards. In all four, the subsidy will be given to the farmers separately on the same basis. In the first category, 110 saplings will be planted on one acre at a distance of six times seven meters. Plants of plum, chikoo, litchi, gooseberry, pear, peach, potato, Bukhara and Belgiri will be planted in this. In this, a subsidy of Rs 32,500 per acre will be given along with Rs 19500 in the first year and Rs 7000 extra in the second year will also be provided. The farmers had planted paddy in the field last year. And this year if he plants an orchard in it, he will be given an additional incentive of Rs 7000 apart from the subsidy. This amount will be given to them to save water under the Mera Pani- Meri Virasat scheme. Rs 6500-6500 will be given in the third year. In the second category, more than 110 saplings of mango, guava, lemon, pomegranate, peach, potato bukhara, pear, and papaya will be planted in one acre at six times six meters. In this, the farmer will get a subsidy of Rs 50,000 per acre. The farmer will get 30 thousand rupees in the first year, 10-10 thousand rupees in the second and third years. Similarly, in the third category, dragon fruit, pomegranate, and guava will get a subsidy of thousand rupees. In the fourth category, one lakh forty thousand rupees will be given for planting saplings at a distance of eight times eight meters which will mostly consist of date palm plants, and amount of 84 thousand to the farmer in the first year, 28-28 in the second and third year Thousands of rupees will be given to them.

Dr. Ramesh Kumar further said that the subsidy reduces the farmer's own expenditure. Horticulture gives more income than ordinary crops. For subsidies, farmers can contact the office.

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