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Moolchand Sharma held a meeting with the officials of roadways organizations

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Chandigarh, (Rishika Rajput) - Transport Minister Moolchand Sharma held a meeting with the office bearers of roadways organizations at Haryana residence Chandigarh. Talking to reporters after the meeting, Sharma said that 10 out of 15 unions of roadways participated in this meeting. 10 unions demanded the formation of a union of roadways workers. The five unions will meet the transport minister later.

Transport Minister Moolchand Sharma said that it should not be on the basis of caste and religion, roadways union employees are employees. During the meeting, discussions were held on promotion of employees, purchase of new buses, outstanding salary of employees and giving bonus.

A meeting of employee unions will be held with the Chief Minister regarding the outstanding bonus. There was also a discussion about roadways employees. The Transport Minister also reacted to the slogans raised by the union employees at Haryana Niwas. And said there should not be a union based on caste and religion. Whatever their demand, the government is ready to listen to them, the minister rejected the allegation made by the union on the transport.

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