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Shortage of DAP manure continues - Rewari, Haryana

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Rewari, (Rishika Rajput) - The crisis of DAP fertilizer is not over in Haryana. On Tuesday morning, the door of the new grain market was closed in Rewari due to non-availability of fertilizer. The police from nearest station reached the spot and talked to the officers in front of the farmers, after which the farmers opened the door. Along with other districts of the state, there is a crisis of fertilizers in Rewari also.

 On Tuesday, a large number of farmers came out of the fertilizer center in the grain market of Rewari and queued up at 10:00 am as soon as the farmers came to know that even today fertilizer will not be available, the farmers closed the gate of Mandi in protest, the farmers said that black marketing of fertilizers is happening.

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