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It's the time to park your car at home - Rajesh Khatana

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Faridabad - Rishika Rajput- Youth Congress protested against the government by pushing the car at Neelam Chowk and raising slogans of Murdabad due to the continuous increase in the rising prices of petrol and diesel. Taking a jibe at the rising prices, advocate and Haryana's Youth Congress State Secretary Rajesh Khatana said that today the people of the country are facing recession and epidemic. People have lost their jobs, shops are closed in such a situation people are getting double hit due to rising prices of petrol and diesel. Prices are increasing third time in this month. The government is proving to be a failure to curb these hiked prices and the wheel of transport has come to a complete standstill. 

Despite the cheap crude oil prices in the international market, the prices of petrol, diesel and gas are increasing continuously in the country. Rajesh Khatana said that due to the increase in the price of petrol and diesel, other things are also becoming expensive. But BJP leaders who are sitting in their office said that if the prices continue to rise like this, they will have to park their vehicles outside the house. He said that the government is increasing oil prices to benefit Ambani.

Rajesh Khatana said that the Modi government at the Center has made petrol a weapon to cut the pockets of the people. Everytime the rates are increased secretly. Modi government has not fulfilled any of the election promises made to the people, far from development, it is becoming difficult even to walk on the roads from when the BJP comes in power. 

Chandra Gambhir, Arvind Kaushik, Dharamveer Khatana, Mohan and Abhishek were present on this occasion.

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