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Corona is spreading rapidly in 102 villages of Prithla, EX MLA Tekchand Sharma demanded this from CM

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Faridabad -Rishika Rajput-  Pandit Tekchand Sharma, former MLA of Prithla Assembly constituency and senior BJP leader, expressed concern over the growing Corona infection in rural areas, saying that due to dissolution of Gram Panchayat, the system of cleanliness in the village has also come to a complete standstill. The situation is that, sanitization is also not being done in the area of growing corona infection in the village. Due to which this Pandemic can take a formidable form here. He said that Chief Minister Manohar Lal is trying to stop the corona virus spreading in rural areas. But these efforts are not gaining tempo due to Gram Panchayat not being active. Sharma was discussing about Cor pandemic with people from the village at his office in Sikri on Monday. He said that 102 villages comes under prithla area, and the infection is spreading rapidly in most of the villages, Administration  is trying to stop but it is proving to be insufficient.   

By Giving examples, he said that the administration is making efforts to build a Covid center of rupees 30,000 in a small village and ₹ 50000 in a large village.  

While this amount cannot provide all the facilities in the Covid Center , Therefore, he demanded from Chief Minister Manohar Lal that they reactivate the gram panchayats and provide them financial power. So that they can take effective steps to deal with this pandemic  and whenever situation comes under control, elections should be held there. Former MLA Tekchand Sharma said that the records of these have been deposited there by the closure of panchayats from the month of February, After the money received from the FFC which comes from center in March, that is 200,000 to 20,00000 according to the population Expenses for village cleanliness and other activities.

On the other hand, most village land and pond leases which have been left in lakhs of rupees from early April to first fortnight of May, all the money is under the Block Development and Panchayat Officers. But a Alone Officer may not be able to take proper care in such a village, so after being dissolved in the panchayat, no one is taking proper care of them, due to the lack of cleanliness in the village, there is a bad condition of the dirt, there is no proper drainage system. There is a more possibility of spreading  corona disease here. Pandit Tekchand Sharma has requested Manoharlal that it is probably not possible to hold panchayat elections for many months right now in this dreadful situation. Therefore, the inactive Gram Panchayat should be re-energized and re-empowered so that it will start the cleaning and spraying work immediately. So that situation can be brought under control itself and the disease will be curbed to a great extent. Former sarpanch Pandit Tejpal Sharma, Jayaprakash Sharma, Dinesh Sharma, Kuldeep Panditji, Hoshiyar Singh, etc. were present with him on this time.

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