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Tree falls down due to rain, blocks road- Immediately removed by Faridabad Police

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 Faridabad - Rishika Rajput-  Heavy rains in Faridabad Caused by Tau-tae Storm Yesterday, and even Today many roads in the city are waterlogged. A tree fell on the road last night in the area of No.3 police outpost Which disrupted traffic. Someone immediately informed the local Police Post, after receiving the information, Head of Outpost Constable Vinod, Constable Pradeep, Constable Vikramjeet, reached there and removed the tree from the wet road. 

Constable Pradeep said that The time when we got the information of falling tree, it was raining heavily, The Informer said that the tree has fallen near the Masjid Chowk, people were not able to come through the road. When we reached there on the spot so many people were standing on the road with their vehicles. We immediately removed the tree from the road so that people could come and go easily. 

Pradeep said that this is the main road in this area, from which ambulances also keep coming, So we did not think it is appropriate to delay at all, and neither cared for the rain.

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